Theft from the person is where items are stolen from someone without the threat or use of physical force e.g. snatching items or pickpocketing. These crimes can happen to anyone at any time of day, however figures show that students and young women aged 18-24 who may be out at night are particularly vulnerable to fall victim to this crime type. There are a number of precautions that you can take to both prevent these crimes from happening and to assist in the recovery of your stolen items. Keep bags securely fastened and out of view. Mark your belongings with a UV pen or other marking system Register your valuables on one of the commercially available asset registers. Protect your mobile phone / tablet by: Being careful when using it outside train and bus stations as these are popular venues for snatch theft, often by motorcycle; Not advertising it to thieves by keeping it hidden from view (not in your back pocket), and keeping public conversations short; Keeping a note of your personal IMEI number (to find this just type *#06# into your phone's keypad) so that if your phone is stolen you can block it being used; Using a security code or PIN Downloading a phone tracking application. ( Never leave your bag, mobile phone, tablet or laptop unattended in public view (e.g. on the table top while you pop to the toilet). Avoid talking on your mobile phone or listening to music on headphones whilst walking home at night alone. Be aware of what’s going on around you and keep to well-lit, busy areas. Do not keep all your valuables in one place. Instead place items such as wallets and mobile phones in inside pockets. Only take what is necessary when going out. In the event of a theft you must first and foremost report this to the police. If they ask for the iPad serial number, it can be found on the box your iPad came in, otherwise you can ask school for it. After reporting it to the police, you must inform Mr. Marshall at Abbey Grange Academy with the police crime number. That way we'll be able to process a claim and get you a replacement iPad.