What Are Star Techs? Star Techs are pupils across the MAT who have volunteered to give up their free time at break and lunch to help students and staff with technical issues. At Abbey Grange, Star Techs help man and run the Digital Abbey Bar, making sure everything is running smoothly. They also offer training for staff and students on how to use iPads to make sure everyone is getting the most of them. At St. Chads, Star Techs are able to help make sure the classroom technology is set up and ready for the teachers to use in their lessons For 2016, Abbey Grange will have a team of twelve Star Techs, two Senior Star Techs from Year 11 and then a further eight Junior Star Techs from Year 9 who all have developed a wealth of experience in using iPads at Abbey Grange with the IMYC Curriculum and are best suited to assist our new Year 7s. Abbey Grange's Star Tech students have already begun manning the Digital Abbey Bar and will be very soon delivering training sessions for students based on what they have learnt from training sessions provided by staff at both the Academy and at Apple. Below you can learn a little bit more about each of our Star Techs.
"The Star Techs provide a friendly face that our pupils can relate to more so than a member of staff, and provide a positive influence in the use of iPads" Mr A. Marshall, Head of Digital Services