Available to all Abbey Grange C of E Academy students in Year 8 and above from September 2014 (new Students need to read information about the September 2014 Scheme) Smartphones and tablets provide 24-hour access to a wealth of information and many students are already familiar with this technology both in and out of the classroom. iPads can be an effective learning aid which offers the opportunity to extend learning far beyond the classroom. Within a learning environment iPads can be used in the following ways: - As a research tool - To take notes and create exam revision materials - To present information in new and engaging ways - To access past exam papers via exam boards’ websites - For coursework / homework - To enhance the overall learning experience However, this technology comes with a high price tag and we understand that an outright purchase of an iPad is not feasible for many of our parents and students. Over the last year we have trailed using class sets of iPads in school and have seen some fantastic results with students being more engaged in learning and developing new independent learning skills. The difficulty faced however is at the end of the lesson these devices will go to another class and students are not able to keep the work that they have produced. iPads are a personal device and we hope to assist parents in obtaining these devices for their children. Following significant research, we have put together a programme that we believe provides parents with excellent value for money and most importantly the opportunity to spread the cost of purchasing these invaluable learning tools. Please note that this scheme is not compulsory. Teachers will not assume that all students have access to an iPad. Where a student does not have an iPad the school will provide one for the lesson that it is required. If you have any questions, please use the contact us form on the main school website: www.abbeygrangeacademy.co.uk
Important Contacts: Warranty: Web - my.mccdigital.com Tel - 01925 444499 Insurance: Tel - 01242 341085 Help and support are available in the Academy at the Digital Abbey Bar, however if your device develops a faults, gets damaged or is stolen you must report it to the contact above.