Within the Academy we currently have iPads from two different schemes, a purchasing scheme, where parents have purchased an iPad through us and a device scheme where we own the iPads and have lent them to students. Both these schemes have device insurance. However for the purchasing scheme, any insurance related issues are dealt with direct with the company rather than with Abbey Grange. Details for this can be found under iPad Schemes, Pre. September 2014. - please do not make a claim using this page as it will not be processed. With our device scheme, the insurance is fully dealt with by us, you speak to us and then we handle all dealings with the insurance company to get devices replaced. It is the responsibility of both students and parents to ensure the iPad remains within the terms of the insurance by following the rules set out in the Digital Device Policy. If the iPad falls out of these terms you are liable for the cost. While there are multiple pages of terms and conditions about the insurance, if you look after them and follow the policy we gave out then there should be no issues. The main terms of importance to remember are the iPad must remain in a case at all times and any incidents of damage and theft must be reported within a week of them occurring. To make this easier you can now report an incident by using our claims page, a link to which is on the right hand side of this page. As well as insurance, should any device given out by the Academy as part of the device scheme develop a fault which you would normally deem as a warranty issue and take to Apple direct, it should be brought to the Academy first. As the iPad is set up by us and leased by us from Apple we are the ones who need to have the dealings with Apple to get the iPads fixed or replaced. If you have any questions or would like to clarify anything then please do not hesitate to contact Mr Marshall.
You can contact Mr Marshall in a number of ways. By phone: 0113 2757877 By email: ipad.support@abbeygrangeacademy.co.uk By Twitter: @DigitalAbbey