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Apple ID

When I add my child's email address on the iPad it brings up options, such as asking for the server...
This could be for one of two reasons. If you have mistyped either the email address or password it would bring this up, double check that everything is entered correctly. Secondly with the school email address you need to reset the password that you were originally given. You can do this by logging on to the email account via
When creating an Apple ID, what email address should I use? Do I need an Apple ID? When setting up an Apple ID it keeps asking for my card details but I don't want to put them in... Why does it ask for a billing address when I've put no payment details in?
When setting up your Apple ID you can use any email address you want to. This account is personal and nothing to do with Abbey Grange. Pupils have to be 13 to have their own Apple ID so it should be set up in the name of a parent/carer. An Apple ID is no longer compulsory for the pushing of applications and therefore isn't required for that. However there is a feature called "Find my iPad". If you have an Apple ID on an iPad and then lose the device, this feature can help you find it and avoid the cost of a replacement device. While Apple require that you put a card on file when setting up an Apple ID, there is a way that you can get around this. If you go to the App Store and find a free app and click to install it, if you haven't got an Apple ID you will be given the option to create one. If you then follow through the steps to create one, you will have the choice of "None" when it comes to the payment method. Unfortunately this isn't something we can answer as it not the Academy asking for this. This is something that Apple have set up and therefore we cannot change this. They do not use your address.