"I feel that by having the Digital Abbey Bar, it will provide us with the opportunity to ensure we are supporting the use of iPads to the best of our abilities. By providing guidance to both staff, students and parents we can make sure everyone can make the most of having their device, to further enhance learning here at Abbey Grange" Mr A Marshall, Head of Digital Services
In September 2014 we opened the Digital Abbey Bar (DAB), which is a one stop shop for all things iPad at Abbey Grange. DAB is run by both staff and students and provides all the support needed to make sure that using iPads in the Academy can go smoothly as possible. DAB is manned by a member of our ICT Team as well as our pupil Star Techs at break and lunch time four days a week. Students and staff are able to go along to get support if they have a particular question, as well as been able tget specialist help and advice from our experts who are more than willing to help.
We have appointed a staff Digital Leader who is supporting staff in using iPads from a teaching and learning perspective to help make sure we are using iPads as effectively as possible to further our learning provision. In addition to this we also run Digital Abbey workshops from DAB that are open to parents and students to attend on selected evenings throughout the year. Details of these evenings can be found under Information, Events as and when we add them and you can book tickets from there. We know that all this use of technology can be daunting for some and we want to be able to offer as much help and support as we can.