Throughout the year we will run various Digital Abbey competitions. These will be based around using apps on the iPad to create content in a fun way to help teach pupils how to use apps that they will then use in lessons. We want to engage as many students in these as it will give them a good starting point for work as well as allowing them to enjoy working on the iPad. Christmas 2014 To fit with this half terms IMYC theme, Celebration, and the fact that we're heading towards that festive time of year again, we have just ran a Christmas music video competition. Students were tasked to use iMovie on their iPad to create a music video for Christmas. They could work in teams of up to four and each member of the team would get an iTunes voucher as a prize. We had some great entries and in the end we couldn't pick just one video. Our judges were very impressed with the work of Jake, who not only performed and starred in his video but also composed and wrote the song that was performed!! Our second winning entry was from Ananya and Holly, who put together a video to Merry Christmas Everyone. They even managed to persuade Mr Banks, one of our Digital Leaders, to show some moves... A massive thank you to everyone who entered, a well earned congratulations to our winners and a Merry Christmas to all from Digital Abbey!