Apps are a key part to using iPads effectively and we have teams of staff and students across subject areas and year groups exploring the benefits of different ones. We then carry out quality checks and look at the practical use of the apps, both from a teaching and learning and technical perspective, before purchasing. Utilising Apple's Volume Purchasing Programme we are able to make saving on purchasing multiple copies of apps, something that is a must as we must have a license for each individual iPad to have an app. All apps are centrally managed and are pushed out through a device based system, this ensures that every iPad has on it the apps that are needed for each subject as students move from lesson to lesson. We also have some key apps that are used through the IMYC to complete a reflective journal on. Below are are some of the key apps we use with a brief description about what they do:
Puffin Academy Many websites these days use flash, which as you may or may not know, Apple doesn't support on the iPad. While some sites are updating to HTML 5, there are still plenty out there that simply will not work through Safari on the iPad. Puffin Academy is a browser that will allow you view sites built using flash, such as which we use here at Abbey Grange. Foldr This will be one of, if not, the main App you will use during your time at Abbey Grange. This App will allow you to upload any work you have done on your iPad to your user area (U Drive) or to submit class work to your teachers through the Hand Work in area. You will also find that a lot of your subject teachers will store worksheets here that you will be able to view in the Digital Resource library area.
Keynote This is one of the main Apple Apps that they make available and is a great way for you to make presentations; you will find this useful if your teacher asks to you to create a presentation either on your own or in groups. Throughout the year the Star Techs will run sessions on the basics of creating a keynote and how to get the most out of the different features it has available. You'll be able to book on to these sessions through the Digital Abbey Sessions section of our website.
iMovie This is another Apple App and is fantastic for the creation of videos, it is very intuitive to use and by the end of your first year you will find that you are very competent in creating a short movie. You will be asked to use this App either on your own to produce an individual movie or trailer but you may also find yourself working as part of a team to produce a group video.
Quizlet This is a fantastic App for creating of your own set of flash cards that are great for revising key words and definitions. Once you have made a set of flash cards you can look through them in a traditional flash card format or as timed games matching up the key word to the definition.
Stop Motion Studio This App is very useful to help demonstrate different process that take place. A simple way of creating a movie in this App is with a mini-whiteboard and white board pen. You can draw different stages of a picture and take photos as you do this, eventually you will have a moving object that can show a process, such as the water cycle.
Simplemind+ This App is very useful for creating mind maps and can be used across a number of different lessons. The mind maps are very easy to create, visually easy to read and the area to work is very big so you can fit in a great deal of information. This could be good for an end of theme/unit review or if you are planning out a group work task and want to plan out what you need to do.
Padlet This is an online board on which your teacher can ask a Big Question and you insert your answer. The board will update in real time when your classroom teacher approves your post, this can be a great way of sharing answers and seeing the ideas of other people in your group.
Explain Everything This is possibly one of the best Apps that you come across and you will get the opportunity to create some awesome work on it. The App allows you to record the screen of your iPad whilst the microphone on the iPad picks up the audio. This can really useful for you to explain what is happening in a series of pictures to show help demonstrate the learning you have done in lesson.
Kahoot This is a website on which you can take part in quizzes created by your teacher and is a student favourite from year 7 all the way to our year 13 A Level classes. You can compete with the students in your class to answer the most questions correctly and in the fastest time possible.
Adobe Spark Video This App you will start to use in year 9 onwards because in order to use it you need to create an Adobe ID and that requires you to be 13 years or older. It is a brilliant and very intuitive App that can be used to make simple, short videos to help show what you have learnt. They are best used if kept under 2 minutes long and cover the key points of what you have studied.
Adobe Spark Page This App also requires an Adobe ID. Once you start using it you will find that you can quickly create a visually appealing web page of what you have been learning about in lesson. It could be used in a great way to show how different religious festivals and celebrations of as a way to sum up case studies in Geography.